Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sagittarius LIVES!

I don't what this is, but it was found in a forest in Thailand. It looks like some sort of alien-centaur being. Some say it was "born of a cow" and has "severe birth defects" but the last time I checked, cows don't have faces like that or hooves with only two cloven hooves. Those are some serious birth defects!

Anyways, the village people (not the band!) decided to adorn it with flour and flowers. They sat around and worshiped this being as well, kept it around for a few days. How it didn't start to rot and stink up the place is beyond me. I don't really blame them though-- who knows what this thing is. It could be one of Stephen Hawking's friends for all we know, sending down a test to see how we would react. "Did they kill it and eat it?" "Did they have sex with it?" These would be some of the frequently asked questions by these aliens, the answers of course basing the probability of them coming down to Earth, colonizing and eating us.

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