Friday, October 23, 2009

The Last House On The Left (2009) *****+++

I don't know what happened to Wes Craven as a child, but hey, it worked out well for us horror fans! Pretty much exactly the same as the original, give or take some details...

A couple of teenage girls make a stupid choice and hook up with a random boy they met. Little do they know, he's travelling with his psychopathic father and his gang of sadists and they end up in alot of trouble.

There is a TERRIFYING rape scene-- almost brought me to tears, it was so realistic. The moral of the story is obvious-- don't go to a strange, dirty motel room with a boy you JUST met because you want some pot. There are safer ways to acquire such things...

The acting is incredible... the main girl was so believable and genuine-- I really felt for her. The main bad guy is a sadistic, psychopathic rapist who treats people like animals. But... the real stars of this film are the main girl's PARENTS, who decide to seek revenge on the gang of crazies by killing them in creepy, unclean ways.

My emotions were up and down-- upset and sad because this was happening, but when the parents sought their revenge, it made me extremely happy. Such a powerful film.

The extra +s are for social significance, how long I thought about the movie afterwards (I was tramatized! lol) and gore factor.

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