Friday, October 23, 2009


My BFGF (best fucking guy friend) and I watch an insane amount of horror films together, so I've decided to compile a list of the ones I've seen (lately and in the past) and do pseudo-mini-reviews, just for fun.

Here's my rating rhubric...
Each movie can have a total number of 5 stars (*s). The movie will get one star per category if it has been fulfilled.

The categories are:
1) Gore factor: I like horror films to be bloody and disgusting. The more gore, the more I will give it a full star.
2) Social significance: Most horror films have some sort of underlying social or moral story.
3) Psychological factor: Did this movie make me really THINK afterwards? Did it start a lengthy discussion? Did I continue to think about it for days or weeks after watching it?
4) Realism: Was it realistic? If it is an outlandish plot or story, was it convincing?
5) Overall Quality: The plot, actors, cinematography, music, editing, etc. Every basic ingredient in a good horror film need to be present for this star.

So if the movie fulfills each category, it will get 5 stars... however many categories are not fulfilled will deduct a star.


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