Friday, October 23, 2009

The Children of the Corn (2009) **

Seriously, where the hell are their parents!? You can't tell me these kids killed ALL of them...

The opening scene is pretty creepy considering it's an 8 year old preaching to a farm full of children and teens (under 19 of course) like he's some sort of cult leader or something. The kids end up following this "prophet" and kill any adult that comes within metres of their camp.

An OK rendition of the original, but Stephen King deserves better than this! The gore was good, but minimal. The actors were children, and for the most part, horrible.

How did they keep their clothes so clean? You're telling me that 50 children have a Utopian style commune going on in the middle of a cornfield (which they worship, by the way)?? It's just a little far fetched.

The original was epic... this remake was... sad.

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