Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Changed My Mind...

I've changed my mind about what I want to do with my little piece of the Internet. Since most of the time I don't remember alot of details of movies & frankly, there is so much crazier shit that I hear and read about on a daily basis, I've decided to REVAMP and turn my blog into an all-encompassing SCARY SHIZ blog. Scary environmental occurances, scary political stuff, scary movies... EVERYTHING that I find SCARY (in a genuinely scared or tripped out type of way) I will post here for your viewing pleasure.

So, if you enjoy my blog (really, thanks!) let me know if you see/hear/learn about anything scary that I haven't mentioned on here and you think it is worthy, let me know! I will post it and give you a lil credit! :D

Until the next post...

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