Sunday, June 6, 2010

What The HELL? Literally, A Hole To Hell... well, 300 ft closer to it

So apparently a sinkhole, the size of TWO Statues of Liberty, has randomly appeared in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Just appeared. Seriously!? The scientists are giving credit to some sort of "sinkhole" theory, but really, are sinkholes ever that symmetrical!? Or that perfectly circular!? No. I don't think so. Here are some pics of massive sinkholes over time:

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OK, seems realistic, right? Carbonic rocks break down and the ground falls in. Those are some typical examples of sinkholes in the city. Torontonians (and every other city-dweller in the seasonally cold parts of the world) know all too well about sinkholes. Every February they come out of nowhere and construction people are out fixing them, spending thousands of city dollars filling them, and holding up traffic.

But what about THIS sinkhole?

-- Courtesy of National Geographic

Born on June 1, 2010 after a tropical storm hit, this beauty appeared. Described by National Geographic as: "60 feet (18 meters) wide and about 300 feet (100 meters) deep" and apparently swallowed a three story building.

This isn't the first time for Guatemala though! Here is another that appeared sometime in 2007

You can view more pics of the 2010 sinkhole here. There is some speculation now that it could be man-made. Seriously?! I don't think people were laying PIPES 300 ft under the city. That's pretty deep.

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