Friday, July 16, 2010


OK, we've all heard about what the state of Mel Gibson is right now. A FIFTH audio has been leaked of his insanity. It's hard to say exactly what is going on here- he's obviously extremely angry, but why? What did this woman DO to him to make him SO MAD!? He says it's because she didn't give him a beej, but I beg to differ. I've refused to give beejs many times (annnd that's a lie) and no man has ever gone off the deep end like THAT before (but seriously the few times I did, they never flipped like this).

What did she do? Why is he crazy? Am I a little slutty? All I know is that this guy is clearly insane, on drugs, a drunk or all three or a combination of two or more.

Gibs comes up with the most clever insults too! "You'll fucking smile and blow me because I deserve it!" "Whore, cunt, bitch" "you have a dysfunctional cunt!" Who says this shit!??! Honestly, I think this guy should become a lawyer or something because he sure knows how to argue and clearly understands the logic of empirical evidence.

Anyways, here's the effing audio, all of them! MUAHAHAHAHAAAA!

Number One

"You're trying to breastfeed with.. fucking foreign bodies in you"-- He really, REALLY hates fake tits.

ANNND here's the death threat, getting a little crazier and a little asthmaier...

Number Two

"Fire the wetback" Number Three

"Blow me or I'll burn the house down!!!"
Number Four
(He really has done nothing but be nice to her!!)
"I had to sell my Lakers box!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!"
Number Five

Let's be reasonable here. He's yelling like a lunatic. She's recording the calls, clearly on her computer (phones are never THAT clear). What was her intention? Was this all started because he supposedly punched her while she was holding their baby? Why was he so mad to begin with!? What did she do!? A while back Mel's ex, Robyn, said that he has been violent in the past. Yet since this started, she's taking his side and saying that he's never been violent with her. Which is true, Robyn?

Either way, if someone is in an abusive relationship-- physical, emotional, mental, verbal, any way-- they need to get help ASAP.

My BFF's guide to emotional abuse-- are you suffering from it?
Help in Mississauga
Help in Toronto

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