Friday, July 16, 2010

If this is the new "hot", I will choose to be fashionably ugly.

I guess this is what one would call "homeless-chic" or something. I don't know but really, I am scared. Is this some sort of mutation due to too much fake tanner and not enough eating? Too much cocaine? Why do the models look like this?

OHHH.. it's on purpose?!?!? WTF. This is what oldschool MAD TV would call Fashion on an HNL-- HOLE 'NOTHA LEVEL.

These are some imagines from the Mercedes Benz fashion week in Berlin, July 9, 2010. Patrick Mohr is trying a little too hard to be avant-garde methinks. (Compliments of
Hollywood Rag)

Aaaand it's time to put on a shirt. My favorite one is the super Albino, number four. That orange shirt just brings out her beard so well!

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