Friday, July 16, 2010

You Sure Showed Those Small Business Owners!!!!

I'm sure everyone knows about the G20 in Toronto last month, or as my American friends refer to it "that g2 thing, y'all?" Yah, you forgot a 0. Anyways, a bunch of lunatic, rampant crazies came into our city and decided to TRASH the downtown core (video here-- warning, it's very disturbing and this is totally real and uncut). Apparently these "Black Bloc" people (more video here and an article here) do this at every summit, every year and trash the hosting city. I get it, you want to make a point... what's that point again? You hate corporations? Then why are you trashing that privately & immigrant owned small store? They are no corporation, they are just trying to run a business. Why are you trashing a Starbucks, which is a franchise, meaning it is owned by an independant person? Oh yah, because you clearly are a bunch of hypocrits, wearing Nikes and pulling out your Nikon cameras to document the action all while holding your home-made coffee in your reuseable plastic mugs from Canadian Tire.

Anyways, these Black Bloc freaks, who say they aren't a "group"-- they are a "protest tactic" (it looks pretty organized to me, and 12 people dressed the same way doing the same thing, yelling the same shit and holding signs and little red flags kind of fits the definition of "group"), went around messing with regular, peaceful protesters and terrorizing our city. Then once they thought they were about to be caught, they ripped off their black outfits to expose their matching, every day clothes underneath, so they could sneak away all the while being hidden by peaceful protesters! Freedom! No... Pussies! Admit to your bullshit and deal with the consequences, don't go sneaking through sewers to get away from cops. Clearly you have no backbone and will not stand up for what you "believe in" if you are willing to go to THAT LENGTH to escape identification.

Obviously this is a tactic AND they are also a group. A group of psychos that travels from countries all over the world just to appear at a protest and wreak havoc. And slap Tim Horton's cups out of peoples' hands. Our coffee is just not safe anymore, people!

Apparently the "corporations" are "out to get us". I don't think it's the corporations we need to worry about (especially Starbucks, who actually does a ton of charity work and gives ALOT of money every year to special needs groups ), I think it's these wannabe ninjas running around our country trying to make a statement that are the real threat. Take a look at the small businesses in the videos-- with the exception of Starbucks, Nike and McDonald's (the easy targets), they are all small businesses! How is that capitalism? A family trying to eke a living by being an entrepreneur? Why can't people just support others in their quest for success and food for their tables?

Here's a statement directly from me to the Black Bloc, with love: If you don't live in the city or country holding the summit, GET THE FUCK OUT! You have no say! We don't care what you think-- go protest peacefully with the real intelligent, positive, forward-thinking people. You took all the attention away from the people with REAL causes and put it all on yourselves because you are a bunch of babies who need a nap, have a poopy diaper and need a googoogaga soother. You, Black Bloc people, should be eaten to death by muskrats. Or tasmanian devils, because they stink.

Group or not a group? These self proclaimed "anarchists" say that they are "not a group", they "have no leader"... yes, actually, yes you do. The guy with the red flag running around telling you what to do is your leader, because you do what he says and nod when he looks at you and speaks to you. So therefore you are not anarchists. Anarchy doesn't work in real life, folks. Society must have order and laws and when you don't obey them, you get in trouble. That's that. Just don't go near the fence and don't trash the place trying to make some "point" about "corporations" and "colonialism"... you probably don't even know what the latter word means, since you probably live in a colony yourself. An ant colony. Oh yah.

Here are some more videos of the Black Bloc Terrorists aka "Anarchists" who are "not organized at all!!!" here (not sure which country this is or when), in Prague, Rostock, Athens, Minsk, Pittsburg,Vancouver, Seattle, Georgetown, and Madrid. Just admit you're organized and it will all be over, because we'll all know that you truely just don't understand what "anarchy" means.

Also, I love the fact that there are a ton of videos of these creeps set to post-hardcore and punk music. Typical! The best are the ones put to Rage Against the Machine songs-- I highly doubt that Zack, Tom, Tim & Brad would be impressed considering they are actually educated in political science.. one actually has a PhD in protesting... and they actually hold RALLIES to raise MONEY for their cause, not just act like a bunch of babies on crack.

I know at least one person who doesn't give a shit about riots, burning police cars, poltics, corporations or capitalism and that is this fucking brilliant man who just wants to shop and give more money to the corporations! He's so mad that the Eaton Centre is closed and he DEMANDS A REASON! "Why is it closed?" Look behind you, the city is on fire. And on the other side is an obnoxious teen trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. It worked.

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