Friday, July 16, 2010

Theory Number 4,892,735,892 About The End of the World: BP Remix

Everyone needs to read this article about the BP oil spill and how it may or may not have triggered a world-catestrophic event. "Scientists" are saying that there are huge dino-fart bubbles under the Gulf that have been bothered by the drilling and spillage of our not-on-my-friends-list-anymore favorite company, BP. They say that disrupting them could cause a massive explosion under the ocean and trillions of gallons of water will spray into the air, kill everyone; methane gas will come out out, go into our air, rain on us and we'll all become Tori Spellings. OK, maybe not that skinny, but messed up. Anyways, who knows if this shiz is real or not, it's just a theory-- it may or may not have happened already... 5 million years ago... Read the article and come to your own conclusion.

Good thing is, as of yesterday a new cap has been placed on the well and things are going ok. It's stopped... for now! MUAHAHAAA.. those dinosaurs seek revenge on the selfish, irresponsible mofos of BP. Oh, and the rest of the world too. But who cares? We have OIL!! OILL!!!!!!

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